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Are you looking for an opportunity to get involved with the oil and natural gas industry? Here's your chance. JJJ Coordinating is looking to hire a field coordinator. Field coordinators responsibilities include:

1. Making sure trucks are offloading at the proper pressure so sand will not be damaged or fit in movers
2. When trucks turn in paperwork, make sure they are putting in proper times and not trying to get extra demerge time
3. Turning paperwork in on time to field supervisor or fluid techs before each stage is run. (Helping keep track of how much sand is on location)
4. Making sure that all truck drivers are wearing proper PPE
5. Do not allow split loads in movers without company's approval
6. To go over the schematics with supervisors, making sure that they are aware of what sand types will be used, and how much sand will be used for the job and per stage.
7. Pre-inspect movers before offloading sand into any compartment.
8. Communicate with the field supervisors and the fluid techs about were sand is placed, if there are any issues, and making sure there were no cuts to each stage they run.
9. Spot trucks into the proper mover and compartment and assist them while they hook up, preventing any contamination.
10. Enter information into our spreadsheet so we can track demerge and any issues that may occur so they are all documented.

If this sounds like a position that you're interested in, please fill out our online form and attach your resume. Email us at with any questions about the field coordinator position.

Check out the training that our field coordinators receive

Check out the training that our field coordinators receive

When you become a field coordinator at JJJ Coordinating, you'll be trained on oil and natural gas field safety practices. The specific training courses you'll go through include:

  • Safe land training
  • H2S training
  • Oxy certification

You'll also be provided with the following personal protective equipment you need, like a H2S monitor, a respirator, a hard hat, and safety glasses. You will be required to provide your own flame-resistant clothing and steel toe boots.

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